Cardboard Painting | Lady with Koi Tattoo

Cardboard Portrait | Lady with Koi Tattoo

Baseball is a national sport in Japan. I enjoy going to see a home game team, Hiroshima carp. The stadium is a fiesta, music, yelling, balloons, excitement, especially with cold beers. You may think the painting is nothing with the baseball. Yes, you are right.

I like how koi fish swim elegantly swim in the beautiful human body. The meaning of Koi Fish Tattoo is the struggles one has overcome or is overcoming in their own life. When I look at Koi fish, there are no struggles but the pure pleasure of life.

The memories of my experience are what I connect with others within a portrait painting using a humble material like Cardboard.

Title: Lady with Koi Tattoo

Size: 28″ x 22″

Medium: Acrylic on Cardboard

Original Art for Sale!

As a buyer, you must ensure that the artist’s technical skills shine and that there are demonstrable components of art in the object you purchase. You’ll see that some artists are great while others aren’t as consistent or proficient as you move through their work. Talented and consistent, Noriko Fukui being a creative mind is a master of her craft.


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