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March 6, 2022


A week

It’s been a week “Officially” I became a full-time artist. I always know that I live life by using my creativity. My first artistic decision was when I decided to go to an art college. Back in the day, I practice composition, technique and developing voice. It was the hardest thing to know what I wanted to say. Art is a tool of self-expression, and I didn’t know what to express when I was 18 years old.

After graduating the art school, it was no art career. Eventually, I enrolled the college again and studied graphic design. 

It was significant to use my skills and earn a stable income. I also liked the limitation of creativity as a professional designer. I didn’t need to prove to myself to my boss or clients how I am creative. I have a painting for that. 

When I was working as a designer, I learned

  • Time management
  • Self disciplines
  • Collaborations
  • Business and Marketing

Eventually, My passion won over the conformable stable job to a new adventure. 

It’s been a week, and I love it. It’s total control and freedom. I hope I will never go back to the cubicle. 

Chat with you later. 

October 22, 2021


The D day

Sep 17, 2021

I did it. I finally did it. I made it official to quite a corporate job and pursued my dream to become a full-time artist. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time; however, the situation wasn’t right. Giving up financial security is hard.

Countless thinkings, chatting with close friends and reading many inspirational books made me finally pull the trigger.

I know, I know it’s not the end of life. I can always go back to a secure job. Thanks for the experience and skills I developed over 10 years. Nice to have a backup plan yah?

I have an unconformable feeling of the unknown, but I am more excited about what I can accomplish with my art. Having all time to create art sounds just wonderful.

It’s all up to me now. 😀

I believe that what you focus on expand.

Chat with you later.

September 18, 2021



RAW:Toronto presents SIGNATURE! Featuring Visual Art, Photography, Fashion, Music, Performance Artists, Accessories, Hair and Make-Up Artists!

A fun and exciting evening of live performances, runway shows, live hair and make-up, accessory design and visual art displays! 50+ talented artists involved! Our BIGGEST and BOLDEST show yet!

Thursday March 17th, 2016 at Maison Mercer (15 Mercer St.)
8pm-12am (Performances, Runways, Art Displays, etc.)
12am-2am (After Party with music by Nicodemus the evilrobo)

$20 advanced
$25 at door
19+ event3″]

February 23, 2016


Colorida Art Gallery

xposição “NORIKO FUKUI”
Cocktail of opened: Saturday, 31 October, 19:00.

” an air of mystery and a plastic language conventional not roam the work of the Japanese artist noriko fukui. Enigmatic Female heads with a peculiar graphics dispute immediate identification and maintain a balance between the hypnotic fantasy and real life. The Artist makes use of non-conventional materials, such as the role card, and presents works that do not merely translate the form by the way.” José Roberto Moreira – Curator and gallery owner. Noriko Fukui lives and works in Canada.

Patent exposure until 13 November 2015, 14 p.m. to 18 p.m.

Costa of the castle, 63, Lisbon
Tel 218853347

January 2, 2016


She is Experience

An exhibition featuring the works of Stella Cade and Noriko Fukui, She is Experience explores the concepts and emotions surrounding our lived experiences, and how they continue to inform and shape our identities as individuals and artists.

Curated by Erin Kjaer


July 30th

7 – 10pm


July 30th – August 12th

Gallery Hours

July 31 – 1:30 – 7

Aug 1 – 11 – 7

Aug 2 – 11 – 7

Aug 3 – 11 – 7

Aug 4 – 11 – 7

Aug 5 – 11 – 7

December 30, 2015