Noriko Fukui is a Toronto-based Japanese artist who experiments with cardboard art painting mixed with newspapers. Yonge female face with red polka dot lips with the bright yellow colour line, red flowers and details patterns.
A colourful flower in the blown vase painted acrylic on Cardboard.
The unique cardboard painting of a beautiful lady with black hair with black dress shows her beautiful Koi fish tattoo with pink flowers by top emerging artist Noriko Fukui.
A female with black hair with a Japanese demon tattoo on her arm and chest. Japanese evil tattoo ( One ) symbolizes protection for an evil force—emerging artist Noriko Fukui’s unique portrait with acrylic on Cardboard.
Acrylic painting on cardboard features a beautiful woman with pink flower tattoos on her left shoulder. Darker brown colour close to the cardboards creates her shadow on Corrugated cardboard.