A Lady with A Demon Tattoo | Cardboard Painting

A Lady with A Demon Tattoo | Cardboard Painting

I grew up in a beautiful traditional Japanese house sliding door, tatami mat, wood scripture and Japanese arts. 

I was scared of a Japanese doll and a mask hanging on the wall and avoided going to the washroom at night, so I didn’t have eye contact with them. The mask symbolizes protection for those who believe in the spiritual world.

An Oni mask is used in the Japanese culture and is a common tattoo choice for those who believe in good and evil forces and the different power surrounding us. 

I am still scared of the doll and mask, but it brings me good childhood memories to inspire new ways to express my thoughts and feelings. 

Title:  A Lady with A Demon Tattoo

Size: 28″(h) x 22″(w)

Medium: Acrylic on Cardboard

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Noriko Fukui employs a variety of textures and colours to emphasize the artwork’s qualities, giving it a distinct personality. My unique cardboard art will always stand out and concentrate on a theme that is either new or overlooked by other painters.

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