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Life is too short | Cardboard Portrait

Life is too short | Cardboard Portrait We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So I choose to spend it on love. My love of creativity, friendship and personal growth. Challenge motivate me to become better. Better artist, Better human being. I want to tell a good…

May 29, 2022


Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger Humans are fascinating creatures. Everyone is own unique way, like snowflakes. I like painting female faces since I know about the subject well as I am a woman. Though understanding myself can be challenging. Painting is inspired by an old picture of myself at age 10. I think…

May 19, 2022


The key to all the life’s problems – I have a choice

The key to all the life’s problems – I have a choice I think emotion is a beautifully human thing. We should all embrace all different kinds of feelings and express them… Include Anger. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older?,, and I am easily agitated. I…

May 4, 2022


Cherry Dot | Cardboard Art

Cherry Dot | Cardboard Art Spring is a lie Living in Canada, the winter is almost half of the year. Spring was my favourite season… at least when I was in Japan. It feels warm and beautifully makes me unproductive. I want to look up a sky listing birds and…

April 29, 2022


Powerful Wormhole

Powerful Wormhole Does anyone know the true meaning of Easter? Well… Google says Easter represents Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead three days after his brutal death on a Roman cross. … well… for me, Easter brings springs,,, sunlight kisses, spring winds, hugs and celebration of being of the colours….

April 18, 2022


My Lucky Charm Never Fails Me | Cardboard Art Painting

My Lucky Charm Never Fails Me | Cardboard Art Painting Art is somewhat similar to cooking. You add materials by mixing and waiting patently to create a delicious thing. I have been experimenting with adding texture like a newspaper on cardboard. I was specifically looking for a Japanese newspaper to…

April 3, 2022


Flower – Add A Pop Colour to Your Life : Cardboard Art

Add A Pop of Colour to Your Life! It’s like the weather; flowers are natural conversation starters. Do you feel wonderful seeing the flower on your wall brighten up the whole room? Now it sounds a bit sale-ish, but looking at the flower makes me happy and calm. I like…

March 24, 2022


Cardboard Painting | Lady with Koi Tattoo

Cardboard Portrait | Lady with Koi Tattoo Baseball is a national sport in Japan. I enjoy going to see a home game team, Hiroshima carp. The stadium is a fiesta, music, yelling, balloons, excitement, especially with cold beers. You may think the painting is nothing with the baseball. Yes, you…

March 18, 2022


A Lady with A Demon Tattoo | Cardboard Painting

A Lady with A Demon Tattoo | Cardboard Painting I grew up in a beautiful traditional Japanese house sliding door, tatami mat, wood scripture and Japanese arts.  I was scared of a Japanese doll and a mask hanging on the wall and avoided going to the washroom at night, so…

March 15, 2022


Commission art for a beautiful story of Sharon and her dog Addie.

Commission Beautiful life memories through flowing lines and captivating colours. Commission work by Toronto-based Japanese artist Noriko Fukui A place or a street is extraordinary for someone. Sharon gave birth to two children, and her 50 years working at Sick kids hospital happened on Bay and College. Now she is…

March 11, 2022